Need help modem stats

Some one please tell me about my modem stats :

Modem Status

Modem Status

Connection Status Connected

Us Rate (Kbps) 282

Ds Rate (Kbps) 1051

US Margin 27

DS Margin 12

Trained Modulation ADSL_2plus

LOS Errors 0

DS Line Attenuation 57

US Line Attenuation 36

Peak Cell Rate 665 cells per sec

CRC Rx Fast 0

CRC Tx Fast 0

CRC Rx Interleaved 14

CRC Tx Interleaved 0

Path Mode Interleaved

DSL Statistics

Near End F4 Loop Back Count 0

Near End F5 Loop Back Count 0

Are these stats good or bad ?

If bad, than whome should I contact to correct these problems

ISP or Line MAn ??


how do you interpret the ping of various servers by forum members and there taceouts

give some useful links and guides