Need Help LCD Tv

I have LG crt Flatron 29'' its running excellent on Desi Ups when light goes off no need to restart Ups when tv is ruuning never trip when tv is off i have to off-on-off-on two times to start My 29'' Flat tv its need torque ..Today i bought LCD TV after watching 1 hour light goes off now my LCD Tv is not giving me even red light on stand by Mode when i press on button of LCD TV its not putting the tv on only click sound comes not starting the TV.. So i gave the current through Stabilizer AVR proton Delay system i am using for my fridge 1000 watts also not starting on it. Help needed what i have to do run my TV on Desi Ups can Surge Protector help me...

32'' Sony Bravia i think 90-130 watts i don't why its not starting my old CRT TV 7 years Old 29'' Flat tv starting on desi ups And old tv is also not Energy saving......May be LCD TV has Micro processor circuits thats why not resrating putting Tv to off mode... i gave the Current form generator to ups and then to LCD its working.

hmmmm !!!!! Help me !!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me understand what your problem is here... you are trying to run

a SONY Bravia 32" LCD on a desi UPS. Your old 29" LG Flatron CRT

TV used to work with this UPS but not this new LCD.

Well, if your desi UPS is giving either inconsistent or square-wave

AC output, maybe the LCD is rejecting it for good reason, ie; so

that the sensitive and quite expensive boards inside (Audio, Video,

Power, etc), don't get fried.

Many of these new Plasma/LCDs have built-in protections, where

they are programmed, not to start, if doing so will hurt their circuit

boards. Panasonic plasmas for instance, will not start and will give

different counts of blinking red lights, depending upon what is wrong

inside. Similarly, our new SONY would shut itself off because there

was a short in the wall socket.




Sheikh 'Food For Thought' Chilli

^Do these builtin protections exist in other devices ?

thnx sheikh_chilli

Well i gave the current through Mercury 600 pro computer designed 650VA= 350 Watts on battery mode LCD TV is giving red Light but not starting it but giving the current from Desi Ups battery Mode then to Mercury Ac mode not giving even the Red Light.

Mercury UPS has overload protection if i use big ups like 600-650 watts may be it works but thats not solution. i want 2-3 hours to run my LCD Desi UPS is back up for Mercury Ups ..because Desi ups is 1100 watts and 200AH battery with it.

Koi Madad Kardey or i have to go to regal Market to search for device to power up my LCD TV on UPS.

Mercury homage or like these inverters are Sine wave or square wave