Need help in opening ports..of tplink TL-WR70N,and zte 831 ii,


i want to use emule and utorrent but dont know how to open ports for them .. utorrent is working most of the time very well but ed2k is not working .. and it show the ports as not forwarded.. my setup is as follows.

i have attached a zte zxdsl 831 ii modem.

i have attached a wifi router[?] TL-WR70N with it.

i have attached a TL-WN722N which is 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter to pc.

now the ip address of zte modem is

and the wifi router wr740n has ip address of

my pc address is assigned dynamically and currently it is and more then 80 % of time remains this..

[ my network enabled devices include 1 wired connection through the router wired ports,2 pc's through wifi, 1 mobile pda through wifi..and occasionally my neighbour's laptop and pc]

so plz help me how to set the ports for utorrent and emule.

and here is the tp link config page on their site is a simulation config page which is opened on my pc by entering

thanks ..


i also made the following changes

nnow my pc is assigned static ip instead of dynamic whic is and net is working fine

i folllowede the port forwarding procedure at and forwarded the ports in both my zte and tplink wifi routwer,,

but since the sequence of the connection of devices is a follows..\

-------[telephone line]----zte modem......tplink wifi device.......... tplink wifi antena connected to pc for wireless acces

now in the wieless router page the emules tcp and udp portas are shown as forwarded by default through upnp..

even then i manuall forwarded the ports using the process outlined t above site,,

as far as zte modem is concerned i also forwarded thge emule ports using the ip address once of my pc[static,192,168,33.102] and then both udp and tcp ports using the address of the wifi router still not working.. plz help me