Need help in *multiport*

hi friends,

i ve compaq N610c laptop and it has multiport on top of its lid.

i ve heared that i can be converted into wifi or bluetooh.

but i dodn't know what to insert in it and how to utilize it.

plz help

i ve searched google but can;t find info regarding pakistan

Have you got the Multiport module? If yes, then install the drivers, turn it on and you should be able to access bluetooth/wifi.

See this topic for more information:

what is a multi port btw i have never heard of it

multiport Module?

what is this? available in pakistan.??????

Its a "port" or standard if you want to call it, to implement WIFI and Bluetooth in one assembly, with minimal RF interference, as the slot is on the display, not in the base.

If you didn't buy the Multiport Module when you bought your laptop (which costs around $150-200), then you would have a an empty cover on the slot. Fore more info:

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what is this? available in pakistan.??????

I certainly hope so!. I personally have no experience in laptops or its accessories, but your best shot would be to find a Laptop shop which has mainly Compaq/HP notebooks. Even if he doesn't have separate Module, he might give you from a Laptop. But make sure he doesn't charge too much. Ask for the model (Most probably would be W200), and then see its price range on internet, and pay according to that.

thanks for info

one thing more , actually i purchased it from local market and i don't know either it compatable or having empty case on lid. so does they also give laptops without this multiport with empty case?

if yes then what is the solution to have embeded bluetooth or wifi?

Comapq Evo 610c has Multiport in it, buying a Module with it is optional. Just like It has a USB socket, but buying a USB Bluetooh device is optional.

I have just checked, and it appears the Modules are cheaper than $150:

Though If you can't find a Multiport module or you don't mind a small device sticking out of your laptop, buy any USB or PCMCIA Blutooth/WiFi device (which should be cheaper than Multiport anyways). But it won't be "embedded".

thanks dear for good infooooooooo