Need Help In Matlab Simulink

Hi guys...

I m new to the Matlab Simulink, I've been given a task to make an transmitter in one pc and receiver in other pc and start voice communication between the two pcs.. I have made the transmitter and the receiver.. I've test it with sine wave and also with a bunch of sine waves to simulate the "voice type" signal... and it worked perfectly fine... now when i try to connect the mic to the transmitter its gives me an error... the error states

"Cannot propagate frame-based signal from output port 1 of 'untitled/Gain' to input port 1 of 'untitled/Integrator' because this input port expects a sample-based signal. The frame-based signal originates from 'untitled/From Audio Device'. Consider inserting an Unbuffer in the signal path."

I dont know what to do... I've uploaded the pic of what i m trying to... Please note that its not the transmitter... I m not allowed to show the real circuit... Please help me out...


dude you ain't gonna get your answer here, any moderately tech related difficult questions asked here never get answered, so IMO you'll be wasting time here, i recently asked DVD ripping related question which never got answered here. The competency level of this forum is limited to tech related sophomoric gup shup beyond that if you search this forum for never answered threads you'll see your type of threads.

Yes there are some informed members but very few from the top of my head which includes:

Asad (MOD)

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AbbasJin (Gamer but not active now in this forum)




40 mbps

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@kamran1x1: Get a life. Your typically pointless and unhelpful post has been removed.

@atif_farrukh: Would it be possible to record a voice sample and feeding that recorded stream to the transmitter?

i have tried that also... but the error is same...

I am not an expert in Matlab but did you try the suggestion in the error code ?

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Consider inserting an Unbuffer in the signal path.

I think you can get more response if you post the same at NI forums.

yeah... i tried that... it removes this error bt then it gives some other error... n sry whats NI forms??

Sorry I mixed up Labview with Matlab. Labview is from National Instruments (NI) and I was referring you to NI forums.

@ Ijaz Ahmed: Thanx... I'll post there also.. lets see...