Need help help help... :(

Hi, Can anyone of u clear some of my doubts? Next month I would be shipping some gifts to my family and I don't what taxes and duties do I have to Pay :( I would be shipping 5 wrist watches, total declared value for those watches would be $1200-$1300.

- Please guys tell me how many, how much, and what types of taxes (General Sales Tax, Federal Excise Duty, Value Addition Tax, etc etc) do I have to pay and with what percentage also how much customs duty do I have to pay? I went through Customs Tariff and for watches the customs duty was declared as 10% but I am not sure. Someone told me that they might charge 100 or 200% tax/duty on watches. :(

- Also tell me how can I insure my package? Can I insure my packages which costs $1200-$1300 if I ship it from USA with DHL, FedEx or UPS?

I would be glad if anyone of you would help me regard this please? I am very tensed :(

show value only $ 200 or $ 300. you will save a lot.

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show value only $ 200 or $ 300. you will save a lot.

Never. They have a right to inspect each and every package so I don’t want to take a risk making a false statement if I did may be they charge me fines and penalties.