Need Help For My Future :

Hello Guys:

I am Sami. Need Help For My Future...

As the Title Says it self.

I Love To Use Computer. And Love To Browse Through Internet.

Now I want To do Some Computer Courses for earning Through:

  • Online and
  • physically in Future

    Basically i need an idea that which Course is the Worthy course in which i can earn something good in my Future..

    BTW i am 18 Years old!
    • Suggest Me a course..

    and 1 more question is Web designing course is good for earning?

    Wish You People will Help me out..

    Thank You..

-What are you doing currently?


-Any Family Business? if yes, which Industry?

I think that he is a Student cuz he is only 18years old :)!

^ Yes Student.

@ Lifer : 1:M doing 2nd year currently..

2:done my matric and got 2 supplies in first year :(!

3:Family Business Yes! No industry :P! My dad export fabrics to quetta, peshawar etc.

but i dont like that business :S!

Do you like making animations or graphics?

Yes i love to

And Listen stop running behing worthy courses improve ur skills u will get a better job bro!

I know that but i am asking that which will suite me better

There are thousands of courses arround.. You can check out Arena Multimedia my Friend is doing AMSP - Arena Multiemedia Specialzation Pro. i think.

in which Maya, Web designing, 2d animation, 3d animation, Graphics and illustration everything included .. and i think it is the best course for any one

It is up to you that which course u like to do :D!

Oh good.

Is it worthy also?

No it isnt :P Wo pagal hai jo karha hai :D!

How months it will require?

hmm upto 2 Years i thinks!

hmm and how will it cost?

Lol :D Check Out Arena Multimedia Coaching Center for it bro m not a Career counselor :D!

hmm ok i will and thank u

Welcome and ask lifer for it for more information!

did u get any info?

Sami, i'm not sure if this is too late a response. But because you are only 18, it is best to be patient. Just do a BS degree in Computer Science, and after that you will know which sub-category within Computer Science apeals most to you. If you will start by doing small courses, you will just get tired by the time you're 24 of doing uninteresting low paying gigs. And at that point you will be fed up with a career choice which could have been great had you taken the right course of action at the right time.


best of luck to you bro!