Need help for ma graphics card

i have MSI 3870 512 mb bought 3-4 months ago.

now i m facing a complicated problem.

the problem iz that sometimes while booting windows and sometimes in running windows, the pc gets restarted and after restart the display vanishes though the processor fan is on. I mean aftr restart the processor keeps on running but graphics card's fan runs at abt 1% of normal speed bt no display even the mobo logo isnt there.. now if i cut off the power supply and reinsert the ram, the pc boots normally...

no prob wid drivers coz i have checked many versions of catalyst bt prob remains there. my PSU is 460watts cooler master, so no need to worry abt PSU.

also must i mention that for the last week i m using my friend's ATi 1050 gpu and since then i havent faced the prob, nt even once.

whats happening wid it.?

can anybody help me???

Looks Like GPU fan is faulty

clean the card of all dust and check your gpu fan, is it connected to the card board correctly, take out the card and clean its teeth with normal eraser/rubber, clean your gpu fan also...

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Looks Like GPU fan is faulty

i’ll second that …

you can also try second Connector on card ,

there’s one more thing oyu can try .

try changing Fan’s Speed with fan Speed hack available . ( google for that or i’ll post it if you don’t find it)

or simply install Catalsyt 8.10 , they have added Fan Control Utility in that version. after that , just keep ur Card’s fan @ 50% .fan speed .

if you got Cooler Master Power Supply , don’t be to sure about it check it . ( no offence) but They are’nt best out here , though iam also using CM eXtreme Power 600W

ok i will clean the card as well as fan but the point to ponder is that while having no load on gpu, the pc restarts and after restart there isnt any display..

if the fan is faulty then why does pc boots normally after reinserting the ram just after facing the prob mentioned above.??

is it not that bios restarts and establishes new connections with all the components installed in pc after there is a change in hardware.?

or the other option is that i shud go to the retailer frm whom i bought the gpu and claim the warranty?

but there must be a solid reason for claiming the warranty like if the graphics card isnt displaying anything and so the scenario wid me is totally opposite as i sometimes face problems and sometimes dont..

what shud i do.?

well take out the stuff you have doubt on and keep it out for a week or so to see if you face any problem

i have already mentioned that i have taken out my graphics card.

i m using my friend's Ati 1050 gpu and since then i havnt faced any prob, nt even once.

also that my mobo doesnt have builtin vga.