Need help Cloudflare blocking me from accessing wiredpakistan

hello friends,

today when i tried to open i got this page shown below

the question i wanna ask is that i am also a webmaster and using cloudflare for security and site performance and in my cpanel i see it block many genuine pakistani people from accessing it

and today it hits me there is no virus etc in my pc i am using AvG and also runs sites so i am very careful about viruses

Admin Please make the security level low or tell me how i by pass this page because it always come after 20 to 30 mins i guess

Same problem with me, every time i login to wiredpakistan I have to face CloudFlare recaptcha.

I asked CloudFlare support and they suggested me to ask website moderator to whitelist my IP or ask them to select Threat level to lower from CloudFlare CPanel.

BTW, I am using PTCL DSL

At times happens to me too...

A small price to pay in order to safeguard the site from Denial of service attacks.

Which ISP are you lot using?

PTCL. It appears to block IPs starting with 119.

But not mine.

where is Kamran1x1? again its tutorial time

Good to see someone else also raising the issue.

Happens to me all the time, and it's a major annoyance. It's probably because of our dynamic IPs. The IPs we get assigned with were abused by someone in past, so we have to pay the price too.

There doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of it unless KO stops redirecting traffic through Cloudflare (which I don't think is gonna happen)

I am using ptcl and i think most of other people facing this problem also using same isp and because our ips are dynamic cloudflare is giving problems

admin can do few things put pakistan in whitelist because i dont think DDOS comes from pakistan or put security level at low

In the past, I used CloudFlare so I knew how to solve this issue. Change threat level to lower in Cloudflare cpanel settings, so it will not challenge every ip.

Im using Worldcall. I too face this issue most of the time.

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i dont think DDOS comes from pakistan

It does to some extent.

Will look into this later.

I am receiving this message every time i open this website.

I think admin of this website lives in some foreign country. My request is change "Basic Security Level " on cloudflare setting page to "essentially off'. I think every ip from pakistan is security risk to cloudflare. i am also using them on my websites.

same thing is already discussed here

I'm not getting that error, neither most other WP users. So I'd say there IS something wrong with your network. :P Admins should keep the security as it is.

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I’m not getting that error, neither most other WP users. So I’d say there IS something wrong with your network. :P Admins should keep the security as it is.


PTCL… I have this issue from 2 months.

It's your ISP's issue.

Dear admin 80% people use ptcl and i am also facing this issue and its very annoying when it comes again and again

so if we are facing this problem i am sure there are 100's more

hmmm... that means i can't access this website on my mobile and i have to use keyboard every time i visit this website. this will increase your bounce rate from ptcl users