Need help buying a UPS for 850W rig to cater power load-shedding


I need a UPS for my rig that can power my rig for the periods of long load-shedding, which also must be a pure sinewave. I am willing to spend up to 100K, but it must be reliable and should last me 2-3 years. Will this UPS serve the purpose? What are your views on this inverter with this battery? Will this combo last me 1+ hours with one hour of charging?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First one has a 7 minute backup according to your link.

Second one is a 96V 4200W system. It needs 8 batteries to work so you are gonna need 8 of those batteries you linked.

You need a 24V system that takes 2 batteries. Easily obtainable with your 100k budget

Salam alaikum,

Mercury deep cycle battery is good but costly. you can go for it if u afford it. for local battery go for volta tubular deep cycle available at metro/makro outlets in 15000-20000 range. Go for UPS not inverter. Simtek Sinewave UPS are easily avilable with 12v/24v 1KVA-1.5 KVA range in karachi,lahore market.

Hello Brothers!

you can use SIMTEK ups.Pure SINEWAVE

i have try it for many year it is very good.

you can see the website and make your choice

Please explain the word 'rig'.