NEED help and guidelines

Hello Everyone!
I have started forum related to technology and mobile phone related discussion. I am offering some cash prizes to newly register users on posting valuable Information / Threads / Posts because my forum is on very initial stage and I want some natural contents on forum.
I am getting decent amount of users which are subscribing my forum but I am not getting new and natural content from registered users.
I NEED your help and guidelines that how can I convert newly registered users to drop some natural contents or topics, threads, posts?
My modified landing page for user registration is here

People are not interested in cash or may b they are not sure about having prize . Thats y they are simple copy pasting :)

Your website is about 7 years too late. Why would new users want to visit your forum when they can find much better and much more content on the same topics right here on WiredPakistan? :rolleyes: And then there are also dozens of other popular forums covering similar topics. :ph34r:

I'm not dissing your forum, there's always room for more websites, even if they serve no purpose. So just try to post new, fresh content and you'll attract new users. ;)

start interesting topics yourself. Post useful information on topics by other , answer questions. If people get there questions answered here they will come back and hopefully contribute. It is going to be slow. I am sure you already know all this.

PS: Your ads blend too much with the theme which is kind f confusing for pages which have less content.