Need Good Headphones

I am sick and tired of getting new headphones all the time :angry:

can anyone please tell me where i can get good headphones which wont break after few months and wont stop working

i want single pin headphones and with no volume adjusting switch and no mic or any other crap with it, only simple

one wire headphones,best in sound and long life.

Can anyone tell me which ones are good and the best and from where to get them ?

Original Jvc Philips hp brands are reliable i am using Philips headphones since 6 months with rough care believe me they still working awesomely sound quality is good too

This HP headset i bought few days ago for my laptop combo jack its sound quality is wow along with built quality.. No doubt original is better than buying 6 Chinese cr@p headset

Search for guy on forum he sell original JVC headphones

I bought a4tech earphone 6 month ago and it's been working perfectly fine till now. It is not pricey as compared to sennheiser and sony earphone.

I don't want small earplug headphones...want paded ones which fit outside the ears

must be comfy and light at the same time with super sound quality.

Contact the member


on pakgamer forum. he has a HUGE variety of Every type of original JVC headphones, including lowest end to the highest end with wireless and noise cancelling and premium metal build..

see his threads in the premium market or just use search.. his collection is the best.. he is the most reliable dealer, and has very very speedy delivery service.. JVC headphones are excellent too..

invest one time and get Sony DJ style headphone MDR series

^ that is some very expensive but excellent Shiit..!!

of course it is . I used to buy china made headphones but they never lasted more than 3 to 4 months even with care use , and those cost 1K to 2K,

but this Original Sony headphone cost (around 85 USD) 9K can last up to 2 years with care use plus has superior sound quality ,

one of my friend using Sendberg headset quality and sound is awesome made in Denmark , comes with 5 yrs warranty

but JVC are available here, at halfprice of sony, and quality on par with them, with very high build quality... check their website.. their noise cancelling wireless full ear metallic headphones cost half as much from member Bachelor.

Buy 100% original and imported headphones in Pakistan. Select your required product or brand and buy online buy visiting link below;

AFAIK, those JVC headphones bachelor is selling are not the legit ones. They're counterfeit versions.

^ Yep, most of the peripherals those PG sellers are selling are chinese A copy versions. It's no surprise the prices are lower.

Personally, i would recommend A4tech headphones. They're not too costly and produce good sound.

Or if you've got money to blow, then those Dr.Dre Beats headphones/earphones are really good. (I'm talking about the legit ones, but those copy versions aren't too bad either)

PG is full of scams there is a big tv thread where people are buying Sony smart 3d tvs for 30k, can you really get a new Sony tv with that much money?

Speaking from personal experience, I've been using Razer Carcharias since early 2010. Bought them for 7800/-

One of the main reason why I bought them is because of their outstanding mic quality. The mic quality is on par with mic only options. Plus, they're extremely comfy, will not make your ears sweat bucketloads or make them so itchy that you'd want to tear them apart, and it sounds pretty good if you couple them with a good sound card (Audigy 2 ZS & higher for best possible experience). They can be had for around 7k these days. They're obviously not cheap, but for what it's worth, they're pretty sturdy and have been working absolutely flawlessly.

Just my 0.02$ of personal experience with a company known to make crap products. As it turns out, not all of it is crap.

EDIT: Just want to add, if you want one explicitly for listening to music, look no further than Sony's MDR-V6. For gaming, any good headset which will not blow holes in your pockets will do, though I'd advise to stay the hell away from A4Tech, you'll waste a lot of money on buying replacements.

Sasti cheez ka baar baar rona, buy a good option once and be at peace for as long as you like :)

^ Gonna have to disagree with you mate. Well at least my personal experience with A4tech has been pretty decent. I won't say they're great or anything, but they're not nearly as bad as you make em seem like. For me, they turned out worth the price.

Well I really can't say I've been careless while using the A4TECH headphones, but they've been extremely fragile, one slight tug and off comes the cup. Tried the HD800, HU-510 and pretty much all the high end versions, and sadly all broke within a very short amount of time. Their sound quality is decent for its price and that I have no qualms against. But the build quality leaves a lot to be desired to be perfectly honest.

Its great that they've been working pretty good for you. I'd recommend them if they actually tried to improve their build quality, which they certainly need to do. But I guess its one of their tactics to get people to get the new models more often. You know how the typical mentality of a pakistani trader works here better :)

MKBHD reviewed top five headphones under 200$ top in his list is audio technica m50 I'm definitely going to get this..

which imported brand is best?

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which imported brand is best?


Beats by Dr Dre (doesn't make headphones cost less than 200$)

Bose (amazing sound with premium stylish deigns)

Sony (makes budget headphones without compromising quality of sound)

Audio Technica



Sandberg (origin Denmark)

^ Sennheiser..