Need for Speed: Undercover Announced

If you thought last year's Need for Speed: ProStreet was a crappy game, you're not alone. EA’s head honcho John Riccitiello feels pretty much the same way as well, "I thought it was an okay game, in terms of gameplay. It's not good. But who wanted ProStreet? It was a sort of made up, put numbers on the side of your car and pretend to drive your Ferrari where? Or your Porsche where?"

He goes on to announce the next Need for Speed game called Undercover that will play out similar to Jason Statham’s Transporter flicks. Here’s what he had to say at a recent investors meet, "For those of you who ever saw movies like The Transporter - it's sort of a cult classic among people with a B-movie mentality, which fits me perfectly. I liked it. I apologize. For those of you with no taste, and you liked it too, we can go have a Schlitz after this."

All we know as of now is that the game is being developed by two of EA's internal studios and will be released on every imaginable console on the planet.

wow nice way to summarize my the way just asking wwat is your source and at which event this was said?

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wow nice way to summarize my post…by the way just asking wwat is your source and at which event this was said?

Google, my friend.

It is going to be released on

- PS3

- Xbox 360

- PS2

- DS - Check it your self

and the release date is 18th November 2008 See the Undercover trailer, it ends up telling the release date

cool. i like NFS. prostreet was lame tho.