Need feedback about standard chartered bank?

hey guys i am going to open a bank account in standard chartered bank..

so i need a feedback about their services..

as they are an international bank so what i can imagine is a set of good services...but who knows...

plus i am going to use it to deposit US$s checks ..

if any one can please share his experience about SCB and US$ checks ( i mean processing times and fees)... or simply SCB rupee accounts experience...

and kindly share any PROS and CONS of having an account in Standard Chartered Bank

Thanks alot...

Well my experience to date has been satisfactory. Save for some minor mishaps that i encountered. For example my email address was input incorrectly in their records which prevented me from doing a fund transfer. However, I complained regarding this and said that's it's urgent and it was corrected within a day. Also i regularly get bank statements through email and whenever i have used their atm, it's always working. Unlike some other banks where the network is usually down. Don't know about us dollar checks though. Hope this helps.

Do they have any debit card which can work online on most websites, the popular ones? I will be opening a current account at standard chartered. Do they offer anything like UBL wiz card? how good is their debit card and can i get it easily if i have a current account at their bank.

As far as i know they don't have a debit card that could work for online purchases. Why you are not trying the wiz card? I guess it's one of a kind in pakistan. Maybe other banks are a bit hesitant to offer these kind of cards as not many people do online purchases and the response to ubl wiz has been a bit lukewarm.

SCB has the worst service ever. Their customer services agents/representatives are the worst. I don't really know which one is the best, but HBL was the Bank of the Year 2009. And they have quite friendly and well-mannered staff, good offices and a good service overall. Obviously they got the Award based on their services.