Need Expert Advice on Barcoding Software

I have a retail outlet where our primary product is DVD movies. I have already purchased barcoding equipment for 18000 but it has no software & the company I bought it from doesn't provide it either.

If anyone has any expertise or valuable advice pertaining to my query, plz shed some light on the matter.

The main purpose of using barcode system is inventory / sales management, as well as putting a stop to internal theft.

Thanks in advance.

i m no expert but do u use any database or computerized method for inventory handling ?

coz u will need that in addition to bar code soft.

Nothing as yet but I searched online & found out that "Quickbooks Point of Sale" is what I need

yar u dont hav any computerised method for inventory recording, 1st do that then adding barcoding equipment will b easy , hope i make myself clear

you can hire any programmer or go for this link