Need creative name for an institute

Assalama Liekum,

Hope you're all fine.

I am here in a need of help. I'm soon starting an educational institute regarding Multimedia and Arts education offering Diploma and Certificate courses in Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Post Production, 3D Animation, Game Design, Fine Arts etc. in Islamabad.

I need help to choose a creative name for it. I like Leapfrog (

The name should have the following qualities:

1) Should be memorable and easy to pronounce.

2) Should be related to Multimedia or Arts in some way.

Thanks in advance! :)


Art Chance

Art Zone Academy

Digitally Created

Art Society

Academy of Arts

School of Visual Arts



A for Arts

Academy of Creative Success

Master of Arts & Multimedia

Society of Art is a good name for this.
You should to choose it,.