Need Best Multifunction Deskjet Printer

any body can help me. I need best multifunction printer for my office with wifi, scan and copy function.

Its printing should be cost effective.

i print around 5 pages a day.

any body has experience with new epson ink tank system?

While I am sure that others will come up with precise answers, I can only say that HP inkjet and laser printers rule the world in Pakistan. You can easily get a multi-function inkjet printer for PKR 7,000, and its laser counterpart for PKR 17,000.

PS: I am in no way affiliated with HP.

Depends on your requirements. Any of the HP Laserjet Multifunction printers (e.g. M200 on the lower-mid end or M400 series or above at higher end) costing above 30K should suffice for long term reliable use.

The OfficeJet/DeskJet inkjet variants are expensive in running and have long term reliability issues.

Not sure if "Brother" brand is available in Pakistan, but compared to HP, Canon, Epson and others they are relatively cheap and loaded with features.

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Not sure if “Brother” brand is available in Pakistan, but compared to HP, Canon, Epson and others they are relatively cheap and loaded with features.


Brother is available at Hyperstar and various computer and related equipment shops.

Whatever you do, do not get a used unit, the market is flooded with these. I know you have not mentioned anything about getting used but just wanted to warn you in advance.

I have got HP Laserjet MFP M127Fn (Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax), no Wifi but has Ethernet port which can be connected to the router and used by any device connected to the router. I think it was around 17-18k, now it goes around 21k... I am happy with it other than the fact that the LCD info screen does not have any back-lighting... and the genuine toner cartridge will cost you about 5-6k. I was used to Chinese toner replacements in genuine packaging, costs around 1800-2000 PKR but got two very crappy quality ones and had to change the roller in it for it to print in good quality.

If I could make the choice all over again. I would either go with Brother or Canon/Epson perhaps. Not sure about this latter one but I read on some Pak news site that the brand is introducing MFP/Printers etc. in Pakistani market and one of the things it offered was MANUAL refill system officially supported by the toner cartridge. I would definitely look into that.

Inkjet MFP might cost you less with Wifi included but not sure about the ink thing. In past, if you did not use the ink, it used to dry up plus again, the cost of genuine replacement would be high and unsure about knockoff inks.

thx joker. i was looking for specific model. i was also searching m127 but actually it doesnt have color. i also need color plus all the functions like scanning, copier and wifi.

any one has used these epson with ink tank system ?