Need Auto-Electrician With 'Lights' Expertise In KHI

Headlights of our car have been anemic for sometime now.
No, it is not my eyes. Or the battery. Just put a powerful
new one in there. But it could be the front glass, the bulbs,
the reflector coating inside the housing, the relays or the
wiring. Who knows, for certain.

I can’t find an auto electrician who specializes in headlights.
I am told there are ‘specialists’ of such sort out there. Any
body got their lights done recently ?.

Some electrician mentioned ‘flashers’ he could put in for
a couple of thousand, that will effectively blind oncoming
traffic.I don’t want those things. Just plain yellow, decent
lights, so I can see the RehRi-wala at night, without
crashing into dozen of bananas.

Sheikh ‘Night Blindness’ Chilli

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Is the light glass/plastic front clear or yellowing?

Which car/model and what are specs of the installed light?

Well, the front glass is absolutely clear and
not yellowing at all. However, the reflective
coating on the rear of the light housing is
fraying at the edges, a tad.

I have changed bulbs (100W). I have put
relays in series, to boost output, so they
said. But nothing seems to do the trick. I
see motorcycles with more light in the front
than we do! It’s unacceptable.

The car is an older model. But it had fine
lights, all but the last 5 years or so. Some-
times the headlights will disappear altogether
and when I open the hood and ‘jiggle-it, jut
a little bit’, they come on. So I am thinking
loose/frayed/disconnected wiring may be
partly at work here.

I am thinking of changing all of the lights
wiring, putting in new relays, bulbs… just
anything, to see again.

Sheikh ‘Near Sighted’ Chilli

For your headlights issue there are few things I can think of

  1. One possibility is that your reflectors are dusty. Dust will always find it’s way into the headlights through the opening where you mount the bulb. There is usually a rubber cup to prevent the dust.

  2. Secondly you may have good light output but your headlights need adjustment of light beam.

  3. Putting 100W lamps in old headlights is itself a killer. There is lot of heat and your headlight on/off control switch is not designed for 100W lamps. You should try and check 1) and 2). If any of the above is the cause, switch back to 55W lamps.

  4. By my experience, sealed headlight once opened can not be sealed perfectly and there is always a good chance that they are no more water resistant.

Putting relays in lamp circuit does not boost any thing, believe me. A relay to drive the lamp will only cause your headlight on/off switch under less stress.

PS: Are these glass front or acrylic front (plastic) ? Could you post a picture of the headlights ?

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what car model and make is?

Car make and model ?
magazine lane (plaza m.a.jinnah road Tibet center) is full of used lights as well as repaired
Relays yo can get kabli (used Japan )
Don’t bother with buffing your headlights it won’t last long will cost you around 400-600 minimum

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So I went to a mechanic and he pulled out the relays. It turned
out some points on the “grips” that hold the relays were shorted
and had burned out.

So he changes the grips (I wanted him to rewire the whole thing
but he said ‘No need’) and voilla! we are in business. In light.
The relays were getting hot, so changed them as well. The 4-point
round, metal relays cost Rs. 120/each.

Glad that worked out. But I will keep the Magazine Lane at
Tibet Center in mind for future reference. Thanks all.

Sheikh ‘En-Light-ened’ Chilli