Need assistance regarding connecting PCs via LAN cable

I need to connect two PCs directly via LAN cable.

Now the problem is that one PC has windows 7 ultimate and the other is with winXP professional. I have done this process before with same OS on both PC (Xp in that case). But now I am unable to connect Win7 with WinXP.

If anyone here can be of help than please do. Because I don't want to change the OS of either of the PCs.

BTW I already have the cross over cable and already tried the " giving the ip one computer to other and other's to this one method" which i think requires the same OS on both PCs + the method show on MS web site here.

You don't have to do anything special. Just connect them via cross over cable, give each machine an IP and your are good to go.

Thats what I did, but nothing happened..... Both PC doesn't recognize each other.

EDIT: I was wondering.... do I really need a cross-over cable because both the PCs have gigabit LANs (auto sensing and adjusting). ?

I am able to ping either of the PCs fine but they don't show up in MY NETWORK PLACES in either of the PCs.

In win7

1. Turn on 'network discovery'

2. Turn on 'public folder sharing'

Tried that as well.... didn't work.

Any how.... after two days of searching on the net and asking around, I had the the OS to Xp.

damn MS :|

were they both in the same Workgroup ?

Yup... gave them both same WG name.