Need an upgrade!

Hi! I used to be an avid gamer before i got married (sound familiar?). Haven't been ale to keep up with the latest, and although my machine can sill run most of the games at the basic settings, i am thinking about an upgrade before it cant anymore! The newer games I am looking at are warhammer 40k space marine, and dawn of war II rebellion. Budget is an issue (am married, remember!), so need an affordable, kick-ass machine. I think I could probably manage Rs. 20-25,000 over anything i get from selling my hardware (Anyone interested in buying?)

My current specs are:

Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20 GHz

Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT

Mobo Intel D945GCNL AAD

Ram 4 MB (only 3 usable?)

Monitor Fujitsu Siemens SL3220W 22"

Sound blaster 5.1

Waiting for advice!

Save those 20,000, add 10,000 more then get a kick ass Console. Either PS3 or XBOX. :)

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My current specs are:

Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20 GHz

Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT

Mobo Intel D945GCNL AAD

Ram 4 MB (only 3 usable?)

Monitor Fujitsu Siemens SL3220W 22"

Sound blaster 5.1

Waiting for advice!


Get a E6600 CPU for 7k

And get a HD6770 GPU for 13k

Total: 20k

The rest of your PC specs are pretty fine as it is. And you’ll get great performance for the kind of games you’ve mentioned.

Although you might have to upgrade your PSU too, which will cost under your remaining 5k.

Also, you forgot to mention about your Harddisk...

Anyways, if you want to upgrade to DDR3, you can go for the following setup.

Mobo: P5G41T-M LX @ 4900

CPU: E5700 @ 5800

Ram: Kingston 4gb 1333MHz DDR3 @ 2400

Harddisk: Seagate 500gb @ 3900

GPU: HD6670 @ 8000

Total: 25000 (+ 3800 for 500 watts PSU, if you don't already have it)

Or you can go for better specs, if you are willing to buy second-hand stuff aswell.

If you can manage about 40K you can build a new i3 system with ati 6770 graphic card ( as suggested by above poster)

Processor = INTEL CORE i3 2100 3.10Ghz (3MB CACHE) 11000rs

Motherboard =P8H61-MLE INTEL H61 (B3 REVISION) (LGA1155) SOUND - LAN -VGA - DDR3 7000rs

Power Supply =COOLER MASTER EXTREME POWER 500W RS-500-PCAR-A3 3800rs


Hard disk =WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB 3.5" HDD 16MB Cache (WD5000AAKX) (No one uses more than 500GB anyways) 3900rs

Casing = Any cheap 500rs casing will do

Graphic card =I recommend Ati 6770 2500rs

Total 40700Rs

This is the cheapest gaming build i could manage , its not bad either will let you play games from med to high setting for about 2 to 3 years easily.

Hard drive is a seagate 160 gb

I would LOVE an i3 build, but dont see it happening with my current budget. Great advice guys, thnx. Quick question, do u think i should get the E6600 or tough it out until i have enough for an i3? Will upgrading to a E5700 really make that much of a difference?

Is it too soon for there to be used i3/i5 available in the market? havent been able to find any!

i3 vs e4500 comparison , i3 is clearly more than twice as powerful as your current setup

and upgrading to any core 2 duo generation processor seems waste to me , as you probably won't see the difference worth the price.

I recommend saving.

you could cut on some components ,

hard disk for example , you already have a 160gb one , try to use it, and when you have time and money, upgrade.

graphic card , well you could go for 6670 : 8000rs , but i highly recommend 6770 or 6750 as you will feel the need for extra power in about 6 to 12 months.

But anyway with cuts on hard disk and graphic card , and provided you already have a decent casing

Processor = INTEL CORE i3 2100 3.10Ghz (3MB CACHE) 11000rs

Motherboard = P8H61-MLE INTEL H61 (B3 REVISION) (LGA1155) SOUND - LAN -VGA - DDR3 7000rs

Power Supply = COOLER MASTER EXTREME POWER 500W RS-500-PCAR-A3 3800rs


Hard disk = Not required

Casing = Not required

Graphic card = 6670 8000rs

Total 40700Rs -> 32300rs

you could buy the above build if you really need an upgrade right now (its still much much better than your current setup) , or you could wait till you have budget and buy the previous recommended one

You'll definitely need to upgrade your harddisk too, To at least a 500GB.

I say go for the E6600, going for an i3 isn't worth it IMO. In future you can directly upgrade to i5. Besides, the E6600 is a very powerful processor, definitely much more powerful than your E4500, and i guarantee you'll be satisfied with it's performance.

Going for a E5700 will indeed make a noticeable difference, but I suggest going for the E6600 instead, its totally worth the extra 1k.

Not really, there are people selling their core-i processors on various forums. But if you buy a core-i processor then you'll have to buy a core-i mobo aswell, and it'll get out of your current budget...

Well he probably needs a 500gb hard disk , but i bet he can live with that 160gb for a while he if he tries ( i have it in my one system and it doesn't bother me much)

as for upgrading to e6600 , well to be honest if this were a discussion that whether one should buy e5400 or e6600 then i would highly recommend the latter, but in this case i don't think he will see much improvement really. I myself have e8400 which is a lot better than e6600 , and it feels so slow , I say if you are doing the upgrade ,do a good one so it doesn't bother you for atleast 2 to 3 years.

And as for upgrading to i5 later down the road , he mentioned it in his very first post that he is married , i think you are underestimating that statement :D

you could just upgrade that graphic card to 6770

and power supply to the 500w one i posted earlier

and perhaps hard disk too , for now these should be suffice i think , and you could still play games from medium to high settings.

Though i am not so sure how much will the processor bottleneck the graphic card , or will it at all.

This upgrade is good actually , because even if you do decide to upgrade your processor and motherboard later on , you could still use all three of these parts , because they are still very good . :)

FYI i saw you mentioned you have ram 4gb and only 3gb usable , it is because you have 32-bit version of windows , try upgrading to 64-bit one.

I'm guessing Upsilon is not married!? :P

So I get the e6600 and the ATI 6770? then i dont need the new mobo, and dont limit my GPU! you guys agree?

hahaha believe it or not , neither am i :P

Back to the topic

e4500 is 2.2Ghz

e6600 is 2.4Ghz , the difference is only 200Mhz , you're better off overclocking your cpu , then buying e6600

I say don't upgrade anything other than your graphic card i.e 6770 = 12.5K and your hard disk i.e 500gb = 3900rs, also the 500w power supply that i mentioned earlier.

Total expense = 12500 + 3900 + 3800 = 20200Rs

This upgrade will let you play any game at high graphic for 1.5 to 2 years easily, and is future proof :)

And when you have time and budget ,later on , you can upgrade your processor and motherboard to i3 or i5 .

For now use your e4500 , as there is only little difference between e4500 and e6600.

As for the bottleneck , i am pretty much sure that e6600 will still be bottlenecking your 6770. Don't worry even with e4500 bottlenecking, you will still get very very good fps + it will help you increase graphic details and AA :D

Hope that clears :)

Good luck

^ I was talking about THIS E6600, not this E6600. The newer E6600 is much faster than it's predecessor.

@OP So, I'd say, yes go for the E6600 with the AMD 6770 if you can, otherwise do as you prefer.

Ah my bad. OP go for e6600 3.0Ghz and 6770 also the power supply i mentioned.

The whole build will cost you about 23000rs i suppose and its well within your budget , you'll be happy :)

ok, sounds good. Just one more thing, I've heard that the XFX cards are generally slightly cheaper because of a lower quality of cooling fans. Is that true? I've used XFX without problems. Still, the EAH6770 sounds just as good as the HD6770, and i believe the price is almost the same as well. Thoughts?

ah well i am not so sure about cheap quality, i myself am using xfx card and haven't had any problems.

Where did you find that asus card ? Asus cards are considered of very good quality , especially with that modified heatsink your card would run cooler.

If you are getting both for the same price or with a difference of 500rs go with the asus one.

asus cards are available from the following vendor (among many others);

the contact info is there on the website as well