Need advice on DVR for IP Based CCTV

Hello everyone,

i am going to setup a small project in which online streaming is must, i have 3 cameras and looking for DVR (need suggestions).

Have you checked HIKVision options from the market?

I think 4 channel HIKVision DVR starts around Rs 4,000 without Hard Drive.

Salam everyone,
i visit HIKVision official outlet of hallroad, they don’t have 4 channel NVR on other hand i am not interested in 8 channel NVR, so i brought (SOEST) 4 channel NVR (this is my first time so i think i got the bad one),

2nd thing is funny for some guys, because when i open it and try to connect with my camera, my cameras are ANALOG :disappointed_relieved:,

after that i called one of my friend and explain him everything, he said you have to BUY BALLOON something (i don’t know what it is…), this BALLOON will work if your NVR is HYBRID.

I don’t know my NVR is hybrid or not, folks i need your help desperately, what should i do next. :thinking:

Baloon or balun?

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Analog cameras will not work with NVR. They will only work on DVR or Hybrid DVR. This is because NVR is for Network devices which output digital data on 8 conductor LAN cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable). DVRs are for analog devices which use 2 conductor Coax (RG-6 or RG-59) cable.

Baluns will not convert an analog camera into a digital IP camera. They are only to convert Coax cable signal output of analog camera to run on LAN cable. The signal remains analog and you still need a DVR at the recording end.

Your choices are either change the cameras to digital (IP) cameras and use with your NVR or change your NVR for a DVR and use with your analog cameras.

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thanks for your explanation, :innocent:
lets see if i get DVR in exchange of this NVR from where i but this NVR…
Thanks again everyone…

well i cant tell you exactly whats the difference between their pronunciation, because what i hear is one of them. :thinking: