Need advice on buying an e-reader

I would like to buy an e-reader because I dislike using a computer screen to read, and have much reading in the next 2 months. The point is to boost productivity and lessen eye strain - no compromise on this. If the device can do other tricks, that's nice too.

I have narrowed it down to the B&N Nook. I think the Kindle is an inferior reader for my purposes. I can't wade through all the Chinese knock-offs hoping one of them is good enough. I don't know, maybe they are, I just don't have a lifetime to check them out as long as it meets my needs.

My questions: Is there a better e-reader than the Nook in your EXPERIENCE? If I can skip the wait and shipping, I will settle for a somewhat inferior product.

Second(assuming there are no Nook resellers in Karachi): How do I get it shipped to me once I buy it? I can either use a shop which will ship internationally (I don't know which do) or I can have it shipped to a friend in the USA who can then send it me. I am fine with either option as long as I can get the device, unharmed, in a couple of weeks or max 3 weeks, and not have to pay more than Rs.4000 in shipping and duties.

Why do you think that Kindle is an inferior product?

I stated it is inferior for my purposes - the Nook can be rooted and expanded. Plus Amazon is the Walmart of the web, the essence of evil and greed. I want to say consumers will learn too late, Yet I know they will never learn. Still, I'd buy from Amazon if it suited me, but thank the Gosh of Capitalism, I don't have to make a choice to boycott another evil corporation.

Wire don't get no nookie on WP.

What exactly do you think is the advantage of buying a dedicated e-book reader over a good android tablet?

However evil it may seem but there is no other e book reader better then Kindle. If you read a lot then Kindle is the way to go. Your eyes will thank you for buying Kindle. I have a samsung tab too but its screen strains my eyes if I spend too much time. Kindle's battery backup is also better then everything else out there especially when you compare with tablets.

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What exactly do you think is the advantage of buying a dedicated e-book reader over a good android tablet?


Exactly what i was about to say

a proper Tablet will be able to do a lot lot more than just read pdfs.. also they come in more variety and much much higher system specs than ereaders... even if reading is YOUR ONLY PURPOSE, then a used 1st ipad or ipad2 will be much superior device due to a hell lot better screen quality and resolution than the standard nook and crook.

the plethora of the Xpods and cherry and ainol and xtouch and hundreds of other manufacturers make many many varieties of tabs.. for the price of a 7inch nook, you can get a full blown powerhorse quadcore 9.7 inch tab here, which are by far more suited to reading due to larger higher res screen than tha 7 inch ereaders from abroad..