Need advice for UPS battery

I had purchased EasyTech UPS (Model E-1233) with Exide Battery (N-165) two years ago. Now the battery backup is not good so I need to upgrade the battery. Can I upgrade the battery with the same UPS model? OR should I purchase the same battery again ? I just have to use 2 fans and 2 savers nothing more. Attached my UPS and Battery images below.

Please advice.



if same battery lasted 2 years and you have not added any further load, then same battery will be fine.. Pheonix and AGS is now days better in quality than Exide.

Thanks farhan_ds :-)

Don't buy AGS ... they used to be the best (lasting upto 3 years in UPS and 5 years in car) but have gone down to worst brand. I used AGS GX-135 in three 2kva Systek UPS but they fail within 6 months.