Need advice for setting up NAS at home

I am looking forward to setting up a NAS at home. The main objective is to centralize and secure data. I will be mainly using this to stream movies over wifi and to log footage from security cameras around the house. It will also serve as a an FTP server from which I can access data remotely using the internet.

The configuration I have in mind is:

Two hard drives 3TB each

Raid 1 configuration

Connected to a wireless router supporting multiple HD streams simultaneously

I have two options in mind. One is to get a bare NAS box and simply add drives to it such as D-Link 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure

The other option is to get an old Core2Duo desktop add a couple of drives to it and connect it to the Wifi router. It will run on FreeNAS.

I am just wondering if someone has setup a network storage at home and which option would work best. What I am looking for is upgradeability.

I don't want to buy a NAS box now and sell it two years down the road because it won't support newer drives. (I have read that incompatible drives can cause problems)

Need some advice guys

get a corei3 and a mobo with usb3.0 and loads of RAM. Add SSDs to it.

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get a corei3 and a mobo with usb3.0 and loads of RAM. Add SSDs to it.


Adding SSDs to a storage server is pointless because you can’t get the throughput of SSDs over wireless. A regular hard drive is sufficient as well and be a lot cheaper