Need advice fed up of world call

I am using world call cable for years now I am paying 2500 for 4 mb, I am looking for some options can you please guide my current plan is unlimited Fed up of there issues not getting full 4mb So pls guide Thankyou

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i Had a similar problem with ptcl (was paying 3200 with taxes for 4mb, with ought actually using the phone), recently got my dsl terminated and switched back to worldcall. anyways in your area do you have any local cable internet service? if you do, try them out. usually the speeds are decent and they have a local cache of all the movies/tv series/music you could want, and it wont cost anywhere near ptcl's packages.

World call still better than PTCL/other cable nets....em using 2mb get full stable download not they also have backup support during loadshedding