Need A Logo or two Designed


I need a logo or two designed for a new website. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. Any ideas where I could get someone to do the job ? And how much it roughly it would cost me ?

You can reply here or email me at

I may be able to help you with that. :) What sort of websites are they?

I thought a PM would be more appropriate for a reply.


Do you have a portfolio that I could possibly peruse? I am looking to compile a list of design / creative talents in Pakistan. I hope to start something similar to that of CPULUV, but for Pakistan =)



I have a severely outdated website that I really need to update:

Do let me know what you think. :)

@wzub: A little update is right :P It seems your strength is in code, I have a couple of upcoming projects that we could possibly work together on. Hold tight; I am putting together the briefs over the next week =)

id design you a logo, but im expensive.

@sk, love your work!

I saw your profile on CPULUV last night, some really wonderful stuff. Have you thought about putting together a proper website for all your work? It's a rather wonderful collection and its a bit of a shame its not formally showcased.

Mind letting us know a bit more about yourself? Call me curious.

hey thanks for checking out my stuff.

i dont have a proper website because there are no services like paypal for pakistan. and i dont want to settle for local hosting >.<

i just use flickr. a lot of designers are on that.

and about me... im just a 21 year old drop out.


I would be more than happy to host any of your work / websites for you. I use Dreamhost with no restrictions, and can set you up as an independent sub-user of the account. No strings attached =)

Given that it doesnt cost me a thing, its the least I can do. If you want to make me up on the offer, send me a mail through the forum.

@op, sorry for de-railing your thread


My site houses my non-commercial graphical creations.

It's great there are so many talented people around and specially on this forum. I've seen some of your websites. Impressive! Makes me want to start designing websites all over again. But my last one was made perhaps 10 years ago. A level days! :) I used to use 'raw' html on notepad and then came the ultra advanced HOTDOG! ;)

Now back to business! I'll mail you guys directly instead of posting and asking here. That seems more appropriate.

thanks a lot, Raza. i dont have any plans for a site though. but i'll probably need one one day. so i'll contact you!

Hey lol! All this got me thinking about the websites I used to build. I thought maybe one or two were still out there. They are! This is one I made ages ago when I used to have a sucky dialup connection and everything used to take ages to open.

Check it out.

Damn, that really brings back memories. I remember Fortune City, Tripod and Geocities were the hottest things around back in the day. Fun times, messing with front page (when I was a young'un) and falling in love with the idea that you could, in an instant, project your thoughts and ideas to everyone in the world.

I still trip out when occasionally I come across websites hosted on the above. *Sigh*

ROFL @ "No sex sites plz..."

Good stuff, Abbas.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

ROFL @ "No sex sites plz…"

Good stuff, Abbas.


Yes lol, there was a sad time in Pakistani history when people thought the only use of the internet was for downloading porn!

I remember the first ISP in Lahore was called Asternet. They provided a fast 14.4 k connection and charges were Rs. 180/hr during the daytime and Rs. 100 at night. My bills used to be something like Rs. 10,000 a month. Received many a a$$ kicking comments from my father ;)

But then most of my online time then was spent at Lol ! :)

Btw any Brain B.B.S or SDNPK users here on the forum ??

I Was SDNPK User!

Lols U were paying for just Emails


also I Gave 2500 for registering to Comsats & 250( or 150) Rs Line Rent!

Heyz.. Another SDNPK user! yep I used to pay for the emails.. lol it cost 1 rupee per kb you remember ? I mail bombed many a friend from Lums using their ultra fast 64k connection ;)

Those were the good old days, you're pissed at someone. No problem, email them a dozen copies of the Anarchist cookbook! :D

The people who used to be on the SDNPK newsgroups all turned out pretty well btw. They got in at the infancy of the computer introduction in Pakistan. At 13 years old in 92, I used to charge dumb shmucks Rs. 1000 to 'assemble' their computers. Ahem used to take me two days to assemble and 'test' it which meant after the hour it took after installation, I could play all the games on all the latest hardware. :)


Ugh, how did you deal with the inane technical support requests? I love helping people, I just hate being their on-call support department for their nightly emergencies!

Now, I just say: "sorry, I don't use Windows" =)

Technical support ? Lol! :D

I put it together, called them to pick it up. Ran a couple of programs in front of them, usually "WordStar" and "Lotus". Legend of Zelda as a game test and yes Dangerous Dave too :) That was the end of my tech support services. Once I got paid Rs. 500 to install a Soundblaster card too! ;)

Sigh, those were the days. I had something called a gamer's club running those days too. That made sure I had all the latest games for free and got paid for them too.