Need a good Rapidshare Download Manager

I need a good Rapidshare download manager. Previously i was using rapget but nowadays it is not working with rapidshare.

Rapidshare own download manager is a utter piece of crap.

Anyone ?

If you are a premium RS user, then any download manager will work fine, like DAP, DownloadStudio, etc.

If you have IE7 installed, then you may install a plugin named IE7Pro, which is free. This plugin has many nice things including MiniDM (Mini Download Manager), which replaces the normal download popup window of IE7. I have been using this for many months now without any download failure; it always resumes broken downloads.

would ie7 plugin also work for non premium users ?

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would ie7 plugin also work for non premium users ?

yes it will, but will not resume broken download

you can try (E)lephant, it was good when I used to use it.


dude i have 1month Rapidshare premium accounts . let me know if u r intrested

any one have rapidshare premium memeber ship tell me i swear i will not change the password