Nayatel Launches Pakistan's first HD Cable Network. A perfect match for your HD TV!

Nayatel Launches Pakistan's first HD Cable Network. A perfect match for your HD TV!

(only available in Isb/Rwp)


The HDBox is the next generation media player, delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience that will transform your TV viewing style. It seamlessly connects you to all the stuff you love –favorite TV, movies, Youtube™ and home media –on your very own TV screen. The HDBox provides leading edge functionality for interactive TV which includes HD channels broadcast and iVOD; video on demand service.


1 HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio

1 Ethernet 10/100BASE-T

2 USB 2.0 ports

1 MicroSD port

HDBOX Features:

Video Resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 720i, 1080i & 1080p

Play media files directly from USB flash, USB HDD and SD card

Streams True HD channels (Coming Soon)

Browse and watch *YouTube videos on TV

Make a movie wish and watch it on your TV with video on demand

Enjoy TV series on demand with iVOD

Installation: Zero

Hardware (HDBOX) * Rs. 13,000/-

( HDMI Cable Included ) *Inclusive of 16% GST

* HDBOX is being launched in Beta Version, Thus monthly subscription charges are not applicable for a limited period of 3 month.

* Cable TV charges remain the same for new and existing customers.


- Channels list unavailable hope they post soon.

First of all its an iptv folks which for me not good enough but atleast a good try. Secondly its more of a dvd player rather than a proper set top box which is the one used all over the world. What this box would do for you is play what nayatel have at their backend e.g movies, series and other stuff but on demand (pay per view). It will play your files from your external hard drive or usb and interestingly there is youtube application pre-installed which is the only option that impresses me a bit. On HD channels I guess its not gonna be soon but it will take a while for them to atleast give couple of them cauz its not easy to do u need alot of financing. Secondly they don't have any local HD channel to give apparently there is no one and indian channels are banned so let's see what they gonna do about it. No dstv and osn for them so may be they upscale the quality of local channels which dish tv did to elevate the sales to fight competition. What nayatel is doing here what suntv did earlier this year in order to boost up sales. For nayatel its also very difficult to make new customer cauz their setup cost is pretty high as compared to suntv and others. Its a good strategy to attract the troubled lcd viewers in twin cities and good luck for their sales.

Err - there are a whole bunch of HD channels in Asia. Star has HD channels in India as well. So does Discovery. Beyond India, Hong Kong/Singapore/the far east and Australia have HD content. I'm sure there's some HD content from the Middle East (apart from OSN).

It is a good news for Nayatel subscribers. I kinda agree with santa, you can not call it a proper High Definition cable bcoz of lack of HD channels. Its just an IPTV service with HD content On Demand. But there are many HD channels available to offer as Shaheerk mentioned which may not be an issue for them if they have proper equipment. Upscalling SD channels is another option which im sure they'll go for it in start. Youtube app is indeed a nice addition which is sadly absent in Smart TV. As far as boosting sale thing is concerned, im not sure they give a dam about it. they are in this business for a long time now and they are still not able to cover half of the Isb. they are seems to be satisfied with the limited costumers they are offering their services to. <_<


they will add cyfra HD channels in next few days mostly HBO HD and couple of more

is this service availible in karachi

^ not at the moment karachi is not a easy place to do business specially cable tv which controls peoples mind :wacko: