Navigation system: What is locating your vehicles or peoples!

Today's navigation systems tool, the moveable GPS control device, will perform what our native paper maps are incompetent of, such as mechanically showing up your accurate locality anyplace on the globe, furnishing exact movements with directions on how to operate a vehicle from any given point to any end point B, pinpointing where the nearest petrol and chocolate shops are, and warning you when traffic troubles make a detour extremely advisable.

Could any one please suggest me a reliable, relatively inexpensive and sophisticated GPS car tracking controller device? There are plenty of sites online which claim they give real time tracking services; but I am not truly in a state of affairs to locate one ideal.

A GPS based car tracker is basically a GPS Receiver module + GSM kit. It is really nothing more than that.

If you want to use tracker for theft control, I am sorry to say that this technology is not fool proof.

Would you please tell us more about your intended usage ?