National ICT Policy draft

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To all members of the Pakistani ICT, IT, Internet, Telecom, Science

and Technology, Education, Research, Communities

Dear Colleagues

In the stakeholders meeting on the private-sector led National ICT

Policy document that P@SHA has developed in Lahore, stakeholders

suggested that we should try and build consensus amongst a larger

stakeholder group by asking people to endorse the document. As a

follow-up we have now incorporated this on the P@SHA website at

Kindly spread the link as far and wide so that people can download the

document, go through it and endorse it in order to create the

necessary pressure on the MoITT to take a serious look at this

document before their Nov 3 Policy launch event or at least at the

event itself.

P@SHA National ICT Policy Draft for circulation & feedback

Presentation: National ICT Policy Recommendations


ICT and ITES for Pakistan: National ICT Policy Framework & Draft

Recommendations for discussion

Version 1.3, 29th August 2011


P@SHA National ICT Policy Draft Presentation Website Link to all documents:


Kindly send all your organizational, company, department, group and

individual endorsements to or for any further information please


Jehan Ara


Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)

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