Narada Acme G 100ah Backup Problem!

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Guys i have a APC 1500VA & a pair of Narada Acme G 100ah Gel Batteries. I'm Using them for over a year & they absolutely work fine with a load of around 600watts, and the minium backup was 5 hours plus! A week ago, when electricity was off, the UPS showed complete 5 bars of battery which means the batteries were fully charged but after 50 minutes of backup, UPS showed there is only 1 bar left for battery! I discussed the matter with my UPS dealer, who is a kind fellow and always gave an honest advice to check the batteries! I got them Checked, and the technician told me that there is a weak cell in one of the batteries. That's y, the backup time has been reduced to an hour or maximum 2 hours!

My Question is What should i do now? Can a dry battery cell can be repaired!

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Get ups software reset.

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Get ups software reset.

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Already did that! Software is ok! Checked my batteries with 2 diff shops, 1 shopkeeper said both batteries r fine & the other said 1 battery’s cell r weak! Don’t know what to do now!

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any update @Max_Payne?

what is this ???

Update: Unfortunately i have to sell the dry cell batteries, bcoz the cell of one battery is not working properly so it was affecting the other battery which was performing good. I had a APC 24v setup thats y, if one battery’s performance decreases it affects the other one! so i sold the both the batterires & i felt pretty bad for it. But one thing i learnt for sure Narada dry cell ACME G & APC Ups can’t Work properly in Pakistan. I did my research when i purchased the APC UPS & 2x Narada 100ah batteries, & paid an whopping amount of 65000! but i was wrong!

For all those friends & fellow members, who r thinking to buy an APC UPS its a sincere advice from me Plz dont waste ur hard earned money on such rip-offs! APC UPS is good for nothing & is a total piece of CRAP! Thats all.

What is this ???

the problem is NOT APC , . the problem is the dry batteries and modified apc ups combo… i have had wet ags batteries work over 2 years with ease with apc, while having a big load of almost 700-100W always all day during loadshedding… while my 4x Brand new Sacred sun batteries which were 2x more in capacity than previous setup lasted only a year… now back to big ags batteries and so far they have lasted 1 year and with great performance so far.

we donot get the privilege to use such large batteries with APC in pk… dry batteries manufactured FOR APC by APC are the ones best suited for the backup and they even last upto 5 years… we are just in a mixed bag stage, where best combo is apc with wet batteries…

PS: Wet batteries cost half as much as dry batteires for same AH>

Still i regret buying an APC UPS! Its a complete waste of money!

Thank you @Max_Payne @farhan_ds for your valuable comments and feedback. Can you please guide me from where I can buy a pure sine wave ups invertor. Currently I am using a desi one so wanna replace it with a pure sine wave. Heard positive reviews about cyber power but couldn’t find it any where online or easily in the market. I am from Karachi.

I have MK 3kVA since two years with dry agm batteries and it is working nice. it does cost a little high than normal but it works good.

Recently I added 205 watt x 4 panels to it and it is really good setup now.

Two comments:

First, APC UPS are factory set for charging sealed lead acid batteries, and have to be reprogrammed for use with any other type of battery (like yours). So using APC with a battery chemistry/type it is not set for will damage battery. Please do not blame APC for something which is outside it’s control!

Second, APC UPS are designed only for occasional, short duration outages to enable safe system shutdown. They are not suitable for daily loadshedding. It is not APC’s fault the you are using the UPS in a manner it is not designed or made for.

It is like using diesel fuel in a petrol engine car and expecting it to carry the load of an 18 wheeled truck. Go to the APC website and read their technical papers if you really want to understand why your setup didn’t give you the results you wanted.