NADRA CNIC, Vehicle Record Searching in one must have tool for Android Phones

CoderXs Verification Tool is an application consist of four Verifications, searching, and checking tools.

1- NADRA CNIC Verification : This tool will search and verify the National Identity Cards database of Pakistani People.

2- Vehicle Verification : This tool will search the database of all the vehicles stolen in Karachi. Never buy a car or motorcycle before verifying if it was stolen or wanted in an...y crime by Karachi Police.

3- SIM Registration Information : Ever wonder how many SIMs have been issued on your or your family's National Identity Card.

4- SIM Information : Gives you the detail information of the SIM installed.

Free Download :

i'll install it tonight....seems quite handy though.!

Pretty useful tool, what about without having an android phone?

why not data of all Pakistan regarding stolen vehicles?

What are the privacy implications of (1)?

for all cars and motorcycle record of Pakistan stolen ones check the video to know the procedure

Seems like a scam, what if the app developer cheats you and get all your personal data? and sell it to marketing companies? Next morning you will get sms like this.

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Hello Mr. XYZ son of Mr.ABC, we have latest lock system for your Black Corolla Registration No. ABC 1234, We can send our representative to your Address H# 123 Street# 12 XYZ Town Karachi. Don't worry our representative will call you on your number 03001234567 registered on the name of your Brother before visiting your place.


These are the permissions which this application needs on your phone (click the permissions tab on top right)

I am unable to understand why this App needs to dial phone numbers and send SMS ?

I had a quick look at NADRA website and could not find any info if this is an official app.

There is an SMS service by NADRA to verify CNIC. Usage is CNIC number sent to 7000. Charges are around Rs.12 per SMS. Similar SMS service exists for checking number of SIMs issued to a particular CNIC. May be this App sends such SMS secretly while still claiming to be free to download and use .