Nadia Khan Join Dunya TV

Nadia Khan back on TV industry by joining Dunya TV. I read this news couple of websites.. plz confirm it. :)

Source: Awamiweb

lets see who else gives a #$%#........

whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is sheeeeeee!

And if it is your own site then a very lame way to adverstise your site!

what you'll do while watching her on TV screen ? ;) common she is married slut neither she is HOT

aaaaaah who cares .... i hate nidia the talking machine ... i hate all morning shows

I saw her too but she was looking so ugly :P believe me or not she looked good on geo because of their camera's and lightning system :|

And I thought I was being the farigh person here, you actually got time to watch this morning show crap :P

Thankyou for making me feel less bad today :)

Has she done something crap to you? lol .. what good are you doing for Pakistan except ... :P