Myth Busting : google shows blasphemous stuff

Got this via email:

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Have you recently checked Google's evil face in bringing/searching ONLY blasphemous things about Islam & Muslims ? ?

Try below three most common & generic words and see WHY its bringing 90-99% BAD things ONLY !!!!

* Islam

* Muslims

* Prophet Muhammad

Now What we have to do ? ? ?


I have searched these names and no offensive stuff, I told this to another guy and he says its shows on page 1 or 2 90% of the time... is something messed up here, both of us used, i use mobilink ,and he uses some local dsl..

granted there are search queries that might land you a couple a couple of offensive stuff like :

Islamic Pictures

Islamic Wallpapers

but this is because the query is too generic and not a specific search. Of course people have put up offensive stuff but what sites are you not going to ban....

This is common with Google to show different search results to different users based on different criteria. One known criteria is browser:

I would like to add one thing. If an offensive site has been made with sole intention to harm sentiments of Muslim the Owner will do all sort of SEOs to boost the Search Ranking. Whereas a normal Islamic site might not have paid much attention to improve Search rankings.

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