Myth Busting : false claims via email about church

Ok guys before you get your periods looking at the title, I would like to point out that the emails you have been getting about it may be misleading...slightly

The email which shows pics of bones and saying hey are all muslims have been taken from a blog article made by an Indian techie who may have found this amusing or probably fantasizes about it..

Now there is no proof that the bones are of muslims in the blog......

Nor is it given in the wiki site about it:

So whats your take on it?

Fake or true??

Making a worship place with bones [muslim's or non-muslim's or even plaster of paris] is quite un-ethical.

I consider this topic un-appropriate for WP [no offence, but its me, other may comment]

there are many incidents in history where muslims were mass murdered during crusades era. with some digging into history this can be testified

That is true but this particular church doesnt have bones of Muslims as the wiki site says

According to wiki, the bones were taken from the graveyard of people who died during he Black Death Plague and during the Hessian Wars (German Regiments for hire)

I'm amazed a one big question popped into my mind how did they get get that much of muslims in czech, did they buy them from tuck shop or imported them from middle east to kill?

The current number of muslims in Czech is 10,000 or 20,000 according to some sources which is highest in history. So Myth Busted.

Don't pay heed to such chain emails. They are ridiculous 99.99% of time.