My Wi-Tribe Review and Need Info... 7 Days Refund

I got wi-tribe connection on 23rd dec, but having very bad experience with wi-tribe, my youtube streaming is good on wi-tribe but website wont load successfully, whenever i press go button it took 4-5+sec to start loading and then open website, on facebook i always get disconnected from fb chat, pictures take too long to load, otherwise downloading is contant 100 to 140kb/s.

Well i was using wateen from last few months and everything was fine but only streaming is the main issue for which i switched to it, currently i have both wateen and wi-tribe.

I am getting full 5 signals in wi-tribe.

Also data on wi-tribe goes like water as compared to wateen, i dont they eating our data or what,

Well my question is,

Anyone got succeeded in getting refund of 100% security deposit ? As my frnd also took connection and he have'nt got full refund and they took lot of days to refund.

(Note: I got modem without charges only security deposit).

I tried to get Wi-Tribe but i couldn't manage to get any signals in my apartment. I took it back the next day & got a full refund.

ok thnx,

well let see i will return them tomorrow, the last 7th day. Because today everything closed in Karachi because of blast.

anyone knows working effeciency of wi-tribe in lahore?

hey if here any senior from wi-tribe so please tell me, i got connection on 23rd december after 7.00pm, and i returned them on 30 december before 6.00pm, they are saying that this is the 8th day and they are counting 23rd too, so i asked them if they are counting tht day ok then look at time also so the day is not completed, well they are saying tht they will deduct charges for 6 days not sure right now but they are talking with each other, well they called me tomorrow because franchise was closing because of juloos, so please advice me what to do, how to take some action of what shall i do, i was not able to return them because of holidays of 9-10 Moharram and then one day more bcoz of Karachi blast, so on 2nd day i went there, so why its my mistake.

Give me some solid advice.


Never take wi-tribe connection totally suckssss and they wont paid me refund as i returned my device on wednesday now they called me on monday and took sign on the refund paper just wrote on my connection slip that payment to be refunded on monday also they charging Rs-84.

Wi-Tribe Involve In Fraud

84 rs is a big deal?

84 rs is tax


Rs-84 is not a big deal but why they misguide people, these all are marketing techniques, when i took connection i asked again and again that they refund me 100% they said yes security deposit is 100% refundable and now what they did, also they still wont refund me now let c wat will happen on monday but i will not let them go on monday.


dont if this is tax or whatever, if this is tax then they have to mention it.

They asked me to return the device. I said return me the security and take your device. They never came. Ah, I have their device that costs like 10 k or more. Loosers.

you can't use the device not a big deal

Yeah. The device is locked to their network so you cant use it. And besides it does not cost Rs. 10k. I would guess it costs around 3-4k at the most. Since they buy it directly from Motorola and that also in bulk quantities.

Off topic: I think Wi Tribe's policy of allowing 15 days to customers to pay their bills is killing them! They need to make it around 7 days to improve their working capital cycle. They can't recover money fast from their customers how can they manage their payments??. Even PTCL only allows around 10 days to pay your telephone bill.

ptcl allows 7days not ten days!