My Survival Horror Games List

1) Obscure II

2) Obscure

3) The Thing 10/10 mine rating very very scary game.

4) Silent Hills

5) Condemned

6) Call of Chulthu Dark Corners of the Earth

7) Cold Fear

8) F.E.A.R

9) Evil Dead Regenration

10) Penumbra

11) Clock Tower.

12) Rule of Rose


Resident Evil 5

Silent Hill 5


Horror games send chills up and down my spine

lol resident evil have u ever playd them?

and u seem like a kid too me... cuz u are playing everything on pc.. yeah i love p.c and its God but you cant deny a consol and ha! obscure 2 is on ps2... hahahaha thknus i dnt have to dwnload 2 gb's :) i know its gona be boring but still need to get it :) just to see wht they hype is! and dude plz repeat ur sentence.. i lovd it... the one u adresed as "u are really strict nature" **....*****....." HHAHAHAu got band!!! and yeah stop and really stop saying tht stupid thing .. the homosapiens thingy.. :S ..... and do u own a ps3 or xbox3sh*t*? cuz no resident evil 5 for p.c until now.

haha xbox 360's cheaters are gona cry now for sure!!! hahaha microsft is hot on their tail.. run baby run.. dnt know y ppl cheat.. y do they like destroying the other 99% of ppls fun by just hacking and making ur score more! thknfuly i will not do this in my ps3!

btw one guy said 'go on.. delete it cuz xbox is stalling and ps3 is better so go del me and i will buy ps3" .. good point in the case stalling cuz HD DVD SUK! and its bye bye to hd bye V D .. bye v d bye vd :D

no Resident Evil 4. wow it is one of the best game in this category and also clock tower is also very low in your list but hey everyone got his own opinion. Silent Hill is the best in my opinion.

i have never seen any game on ps2 with better graphics than gt4 and re4...

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i have never seen any game on ps2 with better graphics than gt4 and re4…

true but i think tekken5 leaves them all behind.

yeah tekken 5 too.. its not tht good in graphics but its ultra fast for some reason!!!!! but tht game is now wht should i say its like a timepass... like really really a timepass. i give it 8 out of 10 for graphics. all above are 10

You forgot Resident Evil and Alone In The Dark that started the whole survival horror genre.

alone in the dark suks.. its horrible... no good point of play plus very bad camera angle plus bad story plus bad charcters plus no good weapons plus it suks!

only part alone in dark was good when some weird things pop up sudenly in ur view and the joystik vibrates.. the place near the gates in starting! .. oh btw IT SUKS!

It didn't suck half as bad as you make it out to be. It used similar technology that was used in RE up to version 3, so if it sucked, it sucked as much as the original RE.

Anyways, can't wait for AITD: Near Death Investigation that's scheduled to be released in the first quarter of this year!