My PTCL Speed Test

Could someone please recommend me with good Interenet Service Provider to use in Pakistan? I am very old user of PTCL and My PTCL Speed Test shows 3-5MBPS speed on EVO Charji Wireless device. What internet provider do you use and what ISP would you recommend me? Is Zong Broadband device better than PTCL Evo ? Please note that PTCL DSL is not available in my area.

I am using PTCL DSL now and it is working very well as the exchange updated their set up few months back. I was using telenor dongle and mobilink dongle before but they both are useless, telenor was better than mobilink though. I have heard lots of good views about Zong. Didnt use it because we dont have coverage of it in our village. If you have good coverage of Zong in your area, go for it.