My problematic wifi network

I am having home wifi network, wifi device is of tp-link. My laptop works very fine on office wifi network. i am using ptcl broadban service at home. the problem at home is that after every 10 to 15 mins my laptop's wifi connection gets error, it says no internet access, then i restart my tp-link device and it internet starts working fine. i have checked all the connectivity but everything seems to be ok. i have also changed the tp-link access point device but same issue while i suffer no problem at office. kindly anybody tell me what should i do now.

Try connecting the laptop directly (via ethernet cable) and see if it disconnects. If YES, then the problem lies in your DSL connection at home. If NO, then your tpLink might have been misconfigured or the device is faulty.

i also had the same issue with my tplink wifi ,, i bought new adapter the light weoight one and the problem solved,,

make sure that the adapter output voltage matches that of the device voltage by looking at labells on both ,,