My portfolio

Hey guys,

Maybe, I am allowed to post this? If not, please delete this post.

I have just launched my portfolio. It is the first and certainly not the last version of my portfolio. I know you don't care about my portfolio but I thought I would just announce it to WP too. :-)

Here's the latest blog post:

And here's the portfolio URL:

I would like to thank you either if you read this post or visit my blog. I really appreciate it.

Hey no need to apologize! You've done nothing wrong buddy.

I like the design. Simple and elegant. I bit too boxy though. And you need to add more projects to your portfolio.

It's also takes after my blog a little: so I definitely lie it :)

I like your designs but I agree with Specter on the boxy part. Keep up the good work and add more work to your portfolio. Good luck!

You may want to add full screenshots though as there's no link for "Ryan Downie’s Blog".

i m getting a "back soon" messege

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

i m getting a “back soon” messege

I am taking suggestions into account, as we speak. :)

You are also on DP right? And you sold a blog design for $50 or something right?

Nice simple design doesnt matter that it has square shapes.

u have such a cool and nice layout. keep up good work.

Thanks all!