My LCD monitor starts acting up in summer!

In the previous summer, many of the times my monitor refused to start on pressing the power button the front panel. It only started at random times (on pressing the power button). And then, after using it for some time, it often displayed the "Luminance" / Contrast box on the screen and subsequently, disabled all the buttons in the front-panel; I couldn't even shut it down without cutting off the power supply. This drama ended after a few days but kept appearing sporadically in the weeks that followed.

The same has occurred again, but the problem's more intense this time. This time, the monitor has managed to automatically reduce the contrast to "0" - it seemed like as if a ghost was operating it.

It's a BenQ FP767-12 17" monitor (bought it in 2005). Any idea on what could be wrong with it and what should I do?

Screw it :mad: .. What an unpleasant co-incidence. The monitor has stopped working at all, i.e. it refuses to turn on no matter what I do.

Where should I take it for repair in Rawalpindi?

My LG 15" is a fighter then, and maybe I am lucky in monitor matters :) 'cause I bought it in 2002 when they were really new in market, and it took one hell of a beating on the power switch, so the small button stopped working after 3 years I guess, but luckily in the ON position, and now it is getting operated at literally 39c+ for almost 16 hours daily (12262 hours total), and its still going strong. Thank God.

Maybe the button panel somehow got messed up on your monitor? pressing one button internally pressed some others too.

My philips 15inch beats all that i bought mine for my hom epc in may of 1998,(10 yrs ago) operated in hell of lahore temp without AC, now have given it off to my younger brother who keeps it running more than 18hrs a day........ all buttons and front panel work flawlessly although the lil LEDs for fromt panel have dimmed a lil but all other things work flawlessly :)

Ah well, I'm the unlucky one I guess. I believe the power supply has some problem (internal). Know any repair shop in Rawalpindi?

Gave it for repairs at Umer Electronics at Dubai Plaza. Meanwhile, I bought myself a new Samsung 913bw LCD; it feels and works great so far. Heck, I search the whole blue area and only one shop was ready to bring it on order for a price of 18,400rs. At dubai plaza, it was available at one shop for 17,500rs. Finally, I bought it from Saddar for 16,500rs (note that it's available at 15.5k rs at galaxy but that perhaps is the one without a real warranty, i.e. booty).

Where are the true computer markets in Islamabad? I just wasted my time and energy in the Blue Area.