My Lazy PTCL Lineman

Hello everyone,
I'm fed up of my lineman :angry: .He said me that fiber optic is not available in my area and he also advised me to downgrade my Internet package to 1Mb :( PTCL upgraded my connection to 4Mb in August per their new scheme.When my Internet got 4MB i started facing regular disconnections then i called my lineman and he came and he checked my connection at it was 4Mb/s he got it to 1Mb by calling to PTCL and after that my internet is running without problems.I also ordered PTCL Smart TV and my lineman told me that it would not work on copper lines so we sent it back :(.Now the problem with my lineman is that he's a lier a big big lier a slacker he put Fiber Connection on another house in my street the house is just at the right of mine house i asked the owners of that house(with fiber connection)that how they got Fiber they said the lineman gave us fiber i was shocked then i did some research and i found that they gave him a mobile some years ago that's why he got them Fiber i also came to know that Fiber is in my area but the lineman is not willing to change my wire now i'm angry on my lineman he doesn't accept money also :( the problem with 1Mb/s is that it gives only 140KB/s at max and that's not enough for me plus i cannot even get Smart TV :(.Now can you people tell me anyway to get Fiber in my house?
Remember that he(my lineman)do not accept money.

Write a letter to your local PTCL exchange head officer (mention everything in it ) if he doesn't take any action, then complain at PTA web form

armada Thanks!

Line men are race horse, show them bigger currency note and they will be fast. Just keep comlaning to 1218 on daily basis and never clear comlain on there call and you will get little good service

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