My iphone 5 is snatched anythiong can be done?

my iphone 5 is snatched anything can be done ?

about an hour ago and the bell is still ringing anything can be done ?

That's very unfortunate. Don't know about Iphone, but in android, we can use android device manager to locate the device's location on the map and can either lock/ erase or ring it nonstop. See if you can find something online on apple's website about it.

If you have any connections with the provider, then they track it by calling your phone and find the nearest tower.

Then you can go and find that sucka..

Even if you dont have a contact... then you can call the provider...give your number and tell them to track it..they will help out...

Theres an official app in iphone "Fine My iPhone" which is password protected if you enabled it then you can easily trace your phone. Login to your iCloud account on pc browser and there you can trace your iphone through this service.


yes i have enabled it and it shows offline as i dont have any data activated with my phone and i am sure the guy cannot or would not go wifi as its password protected to open the phone

^^^what OS you had? in ios 7 you can swipe up the Control Center even on lock screen where you can enable/disable WiFi.

it was old iOS not the iOS 7

hmmmm bad luck bro :(

do you have the imei number? you can report it to pta to block it.. and also track its location whenever it will be used..

i didnt had the imei # of my iphone but had old backup in itunes and searched for the imei # to get it without iphone connected

here is the way to get it the serial and imei # if someone needs it in case

after this i lodged it in the CPLC online

In computer iTunes > Preferences...(Windows: Edit > Preferences...) > Devices > hover with your mouse over your iPhone backup, a popup will show you the serial & IMEI number

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do you have the imei number? you can report it to pta to block it.. and also track its location whenever it will be used..


an update for everyone from CPLC if u want to block the IMEI # once its blocked from PTA then u cant track it anymore :(

country where bank robbery never ever been recovered

country where stolen or snatched cars has less likely 10% chances to be recovered, in that 10% 5% chances are you may get it in separate parts somewhere in kpk scrapyards

there you excepting you will get phone back?

sorry bro i can understand your loss but that’s what it is

if you had installed some anti theft app then now you may able to catch them