My Horror Story :-(

Okay I had the following setup

1. 42 inch LG Plasma

connected to

2. Sony Home Theater System

which was also connected to

3. My PC (soundcard)

The Plasma was also connected via a DVI cable to my PC's 8800 GT. The other output was connected to my 19 Inch Acer LCD.

Okay now what happened about 3 weeks ago was a nightmare. It was raining. The plasma was on and so was my pc. Suddenly everything turns off with a small bang. White smoke emerges from my pc.......everything is lost.....

The damage

1. The Plasma cost 20,000 rs to fix

2. The Acer LCD was damaged beyond repair

3. PC powerbox damaged beyond repair

4. PC motherboard cost 1500 rs to repair

5. PC soundcard toast

6. My beloved 8800GT toast.

7. The Home Theatre is completely toast.

What Happened

Apparently a power surge but from a very unlikely source. The power surge was through the tv cable (The big black one).....and 300 meteres of the tv cable was also completely fried......

So people beware of this potential hazarad. And if u guys have any solutions to prevent disasters like this in the future please share them.

BTW i tried to claim warranty on everything but no luck because you obviously cant claim warranty under such circumstances.

use surge suppressors. Even the best surge protectors will protect u to some extent but may fail on a particularly bad storm. Its only relative prevention, not absolute; can never be!

btw you can pray too... :)

wow! that was some accident you had, it almost sounds like a lie... :P [just kidding :)]

Most Surge Protectors sold in the US for home use have surge suppression circuits for CATV and RJ11 jacks. If you had a cable amplifier on the circuit (powered splitter) that should have suppressed the surge as well (by going kaput).

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Apparently a power surge but from a very unlikely source. The power surge was through the tv cable (The big black one)…and 300 meteres of the tv cable was also completely fried…



This type of surge protector is the solution,notice the black cable connectors,if their is a surge in the cable,protector take cares of it,surge in telephone lines can toast fax machines,dsl/dialup modems,PCs as well so it takes care of that too . It commonly available in west but am unable to find it here

If you have everything going through a working

stabilizer, then the fuse in that is your first line

of defense. It gets fried and breaks the circuit.

Just about every electrical appliance of ours has

a (quality) stabilizer guarding it and many of them

have died, or severely injured, trying to protect us.

Of course, if your stabilizer goes nuts and starts

sending 400V to your refrigerator, then all bets

are off. But we couldn't dream of using anything

at our place, without one of them. The voltage

fluctuations (150V-400V+) over a period of time,

will kill your appliances as readily as any single

titanic surge.

I am sorry about your loss MoHaa. So much lost

within chashm-e-zadan. But thanks for sharing

your story here. It will undoubtedly help someone.




Sheikh 'Blink Of An Eye' Chilli

I cant imagine my PC without a stabilizer

actually everything in this case fried because of surge from tv cable, normal power stabilizers don't have a cable in/out option to take care of power surges in tv cable

Are you using Desi cable or Worldcall cable?

I have a hunch it is the desi cable because these are not managed well. I used to have Desi cable at my earlier residence and I can remember getting a shock from the cable connector if I ever touched it bare footed. I resorted to moving TV setup to a 3 pin power plug to ensure grounding of the equipment.

Sorry for your loss man.

Desi cable man worldcall isn't allowed in my area by the government. My neighbor's TV also got fried but it was a rather old Sharp tv. Btw I also have a stabilizer plus ups for my pc but they couldn't have possibly helped in this situation. Thank God they are still functioning.

@ SalmanAhmed

Whats the source of that pictue?

okhay. now im having second thoughts about connecting my cable tv wire to a tv card. i guess watching tv on a TV will do just fine.

WorldCall too is strung along KESC poles everywhere.

They power their service through the KESC, since

that is the excuse they give us, when their service

goes out with the lights.

I have seen sparking on the KESC khamba next to

our home.

WorldCall cable has a small port which gives out 4-6

connections, located right next to the sparking wires.

It has no covering and the connections are open to

the elements. It's the same pretty much everywhere.

And I have seen servants being goaded into climbing

on ladders and trying to make illegal connections by


I wonder if you can sue these cable companies for

damages... somebody should try it in the new small

courts system, set up in the Punjab. People, reportedly

have successfully prosecuted big companies and have

been awarded claims, like that guy who sued Haier.




Sheikh 'Tort Reform Now' Chilli

wow......nice idea a movie can be shoot and it wil do gr8 business......

now in reality i m very sorry to hear all much loss for u....

pure bad lukkkkk

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I cant imagine my PC without a stabilizer

the local made stabilizers don’t do any good, they just improve a low voltage, but do nothing with a high voltage

^they have got fuse in them which i think are enough to protect against that (is it so?)

and btw mine is a servo motor stabilizer from deltech (maybe chinese)