My hdd

i got maxtor hdd recently, the problem is that it is producing a lillbit sound like "terrr terrrr" the sound is very low and almost ignorable.

i was to ask that is it fine or there is some problem with my hdd?

There is the spinning sound and then there is the clicking sound. The former is ok, the latter spells trouble.

every hard disk produces some how sound...

there is no absolute silent hard

If the sound is made when data is being written or read, that's normal. But if you hear sounds when system idle or is starting up and it gets stuck there for some time, then its problem.

haha, 'terr terr' is ok as somebody already said.

yup, every hdd starts the 'terr terr' story after a couple of months of usage :)

....get your hands on a SSD when its affordable enough for you :) no 'terr terr' tehn :)

thanx to all