My Gameloft Games Website!

I started it half a year ago.

the drop down menu is not working for me

For which game.

Theres some problem let me know for which game.

The menu, i dont know what you call it. Where it says "Select a Game" i selected some games from there but nothing happened.

the site is not opening at all

The site is working but all the games are WRONGLY titled as S60 something first i got confused and thought these wont work on my K750 caz it supports java games only. then after a little navigation, i saw the .jar extension format and learnt these are JAVA games. nothing to do with S60...or symbian. i've got most of these games already but i think i'll download some ... caz it good to play games on cell when there's blackout for hours at night and you've got nothing else to do but play around iwht ur cell and keep smsing.

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I started it half a year ago.


sorry to say man but gameloft will soon put your site off

cuz you are distributing copy righted content

like they did with

this site has more than 100000000 games from all over the world with patches for all mobile but now they are gone