My Complaint Regarding PTCL EVO

I bought a PTCL EVDO device on 30-04-2009.

At that time there were two packages:

1: Either pay 6000 at front and then 2000 monthly or

2: Pay 2500 for 12 months and then after that period expires 2000 per month.

After that 12 month period expired, I still received a 2500 monthly bill so I contacted their Barket Market OSS in July and they admitted their mistake and corrected it. But in August, they added a 500 arrears in my bill and send me a 3000 bill including 500 for August too. After I contacted their OSS again, they corrected it again. But in September they added a 1000 rs arrears in my bill and sent a 3500 bill. When I contacted them again, they said that they installments package meant you had to pay 14,16 or 18 installments instead of 12. They were themselves not clear about the package. However, they had communicated to me when I was purchasing the installments package that it was for 12 months that I have to pay 2500 and after that it will be 2000.

Please help me resolve this issue as they are clearly over-billing me.

PTA's response:

It is intimated that:

In pCRM the package was configured in such a way that installments will be collected in 1 ½ year. Thus the customer will have to pay Rs. 2500/month for 1.5 year.


I was shocked to see how they are ripping off their customers. Both PTA and PTCL are in it together.