My Cassette Kahani Page on Facebook

I hope promoting a page like this isn't against any policy here. If it is, I apologise and you can remove this thread. That aside, I know there's an old thread on Cassette Kahani but I thought I'd make another one just to bring this to everyone's attention. Near the end of 2009 I had created a Facebook Group on Cassette Kahani. The reason was that there was no page on Cassette Kahani and I thought it deserved one.

Long story short, the Group didn't have many of the stories that people were looking for. So with the help of some members I was able to collect all of the stories (at least from the first 15 original cassettes) and recently created a Facebook Page on Cassette Kahani.

I'd like to encourage members here to join the page and let others who have some sort of nostalgic attachment to those stories know about it and relive those moments listening to the stories again:

awesome, thanks alot yaar i love cassette kahaani :)

You're most welcome and its great to hear that there are others who are a fan of it too! :D

What is it?

Please explain.

I visited the page but couldnt find any stories there

What is it? As in what is Cassette Kahani? I'll post the description from another page to give you a quick overview of what these were:

"Who can forget these stories for children released by EMI in the early 80s . Excellent sound effects [remember the Ashdaha (dragon/serpent) from Sindbad or Kala & Karchak from Tarzan] and great story telling by Qazi Wajid & co. all made these audio stories a 'must have' for children of all ages at the time. Each vol was eagerly awaited and more particularly the first 15 vols were just exceptional.

Through these 24 audio cassettes, you can re-live old classics like "Podna Aur Podni", "Shehzadi Gulfam", "Ahmed Ne Jab Urna Sekha", "Jack & the Beanstalk", "Sindbad & Tarzan episodes", "Shiekh Chilli" & the others."

You'll find the stories in the Discussions section of the Page as links to download from. You can listen to them even before downloading them to see what they're like. I see that you have your own blog, so maybe you could promote it if you like them. A lot of people's childhood memories are linked with these stories :)

Aha! I love these old day.