My camera stabilizer project

Home made gimbal



Now only few parts left to assemble with it

Camera weigh and lower balancing mounts


@neoclue Inspired by Constantin

And a user on Youtube


just added threaded ball


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So, you have time for this project?

its very easy only needed exact parts & tools than you can assemble it withing half hour (with manual tools)

Where did you get those rings from? are those tape rings?

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Where did you get those rings from? are those tabe rings?

I cut pvc pipe with hacksaw :P and made holes with drill machine

Today i assembled lower weight mounts which will balance camcorder and attached handy with main outer rig



This is balancing mount and added 2 nuts which will hold lots of washers for perfect balance


Holding at center of gravity

This is handy which I made with long threaded nut and locked it tightly with bolts

What is it? can you describe in سلیس اردو

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A Steadicam is a stabilizing mount for a motion picture camera, which mechanically isolates the operator’s movement from the camera, allowing a very smooth shot even when the operator is moving quickly over an uneven surface. Informally, the word Steadicam may also be used to refer to the combination of the mount and camera.

There are many online stores selling pro build stabilizers i.e. Glidecam , Hague … so i don’t have CC and paypal as well but i need it for my camcorder to shot smoother clips than i search glidecam on youtube and find out many DIY homemade steadicam videos and its not very hard to build it at home only need good measurements and exact parts

Now i only need camera holder plate on top of it than it will be ready for smooth shots

hmmmm, sounds nice :D would be glad if you also post the final photos with camera mounted on it and the test video made using it :P

today i was tired so didn't updated any thing :(

Interesting. Why the mechanical approach over using multi-axis accelerometer?


Very nice work armada, let us know the results of any test video you have made with this.

P.S: Given your past record of copy/past of pics you knew questions would be raised about this thread pics specially from am4tl, so you already did your homework even before somebody point finger at you. i gotta say ARMADA VERY SMART INDEED! I like smart people.