Must read it please

Is there anyone whose father or uncle works in customs? Please do let me know if someone's do. I need some information regarding shipping.

What information?

You tell us the problem at least..

Lmao. Why father or Uncle, a WP member maybe working in customs him/her self.

What is the problem though?

Do you want to smuggle in something? :P

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Do you want to smuggle in something? :P

lol OPs original query does sound curious!

Yes please share with us what you want to ship may be someone can help you with info and yes your post made us very curious :P

It's regarding this post obviously

Perhaps he wants to bribe a custom officer :D

OMG now whom should i quote? but thanks for all of u for showing an interest atleast. I need some info regarding shipping some packages from USA to Karachi as a gift most likely 3 as a gift to my gf via FedEx. One of them would be blackberry, second i will get two citizen eco drive watches for her parents. Now situation is like this the total packages will cost me atleast 1400 (700-800 for blackberry, 500 for citizen watches). Now i have got 2 ways to ship it one is with honesty to show nd declare the original values for the packages in FedEx International Air Waybill or to buy some cheap items cost less than $50 nd place the receipts of those items in FedEx International Air Waybill but the packages will be wrapped up with gift wrapping as inside their will be blackberry and watched but in receipts it will show something else but worried if they unsealed my packages then they might keep them with them :( I dont have any problem to go with the first one as i will pay all taxes and duties and i will declare it too on FedEx International Air Waybill. But for taxes and duty i have some questions and u guys have to make it clear with correct and accurate info.

1. How many different taxes will i be charged on the shipping via FedEx weighing less than 10 lbs/pounds (4500 grams) costs $1400 and declare the original value as it as. I went through the USPS guide regarding customs, duty and tax for each country and for Pak it was declared as 68% for the total declared value. Chalo i will pay that too for her but what about the Value Added Tax (VAT). Do i have to pay that one too? if yes, then how much? And also is it true that Pak customs charge 68% of the total declared value. Also if i pay all the duty and tax do the custom people still call the receipent for paper work or so? i dont want them to call her as it will be surprise for her bday.

2. What if i put fake receipts along with those packages and declared the value less than $50 will they inspect my packages? I will wrap up them with gift packaging but still i m not sure about them.

3. Also do share ur experience if anyone of u had ever shipped something to Pak or someone of ur relative did ship u something from USA, UK etc etc.

Please if someone's father or uncle do work in customs do ask them about this and let me know correct and accurate info regarding customs, tax and duty. And if one of u pass my package without tax and duty i will probably get him a Play Station 3 :P thats my promise to u :). Now u can consider it as a bribe or as a gift whatever u may want. :D

Allah hafiz :)

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khair i will buy nd gift one to my gf jo k mujh se naraz hai most likey she hates me but i dont care i still do love her, second i will get two citizen eco drive watches for her parents.

hmmm… do we really need to know this much personal details…

anyway i can confidently tell you besides this thread you need to search this forum for shipping items from abroad etc, “shipping from overseas” is one the most popular discussed topic in this forum so you’ll find lots of content through search button.